Soft wheat Flour 00 Pizza Verace 25kg

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Recipe n.8 ingredienti. Flour 00 Anima Verace kg 1 salt gr.50 extra virgin oil gr. 20 dry yeast gr. 2 water gr. 690 method. Put the flour into the mixer, spin for 1 minute then add the yeast and about 80% of the water. mix a 2/3 minutes before adding the salt and the rest of the water, and the oil until a smooth and homogeneous dough is obtained. Allow the mass to stand for 20/30 minutes at room temperature. Cast off the mass to create the 200/210 grams balls. Each, allow to stand for 10/12 hours at room temperature ( 20°C) if you want to use the dough during the day. Note. If you want to use the dough 1 day later you need to stand the balls about 3/4 hours at room temperature before storing them in the refrigerator at a temperature of 3 /4 ° C. Use the balls the following day at a temperature of at least 14 ° / 15 ° C. (after 4/5 hours) [ricetta di Salvatore Salviani, mastro pizzaiolo]

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